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Why is Zumba great for stress relief?

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In this blog post I am going to go over an interesting thing regarding Zumba.
So many of our customers say they feel less stressed, more relaxed and mentally refreshed after our Zumba classes.

Why does that happen?

Let’s take another type of exercise, for example running, just to demonstrate. (Not that there is anything wrong with running).
Let’s say you have a tough day at work, maybe some arguments with your boss, God forbid with your spouse and your attention is on these stressful memories.

When you go for a run – because it is a simple movement – you set your body on an automatic motion. (Especially when you use a treadmill). Hence your attention can wander around freely.
And unfortunately what happens most of the time is that it goes back onto your problems. Things that have happened to you earlier on. You keep thinking about the arguments, what was said, why it was said, etc.
In other words, even though your body gets a good workout, you won’t necessarily feel mentally refreshed after running.

However, when you come to our Zumba classes the opposite happens:

You get a great workout and have fun which is a given, but because you are paying so much attention to your instructor to follow her moves and not to lose track of the class, you don’t have a chance to think about anything else.
Your attention is fully on the class.

It’s just like watching a great movie. When it’s interesting, you can’t think about anything else as it keeps your attention there.

So because of these, your stressful memories go away by the end of the Zumba class and you feel less stressed, more relaxed and mentally refreshed.

But don’t believe just the words, try it yourself!

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