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What is Sizzle?

This new program is a result of our quest to help people feel motivated to exercise.
After years of surveys and research, we came up with something that’s so simple yet brings amazing results.
We harness the power of the mind and what’s called the “sound-emotion” connection.

What is the “sound-emotion” connection?
Sound, especially music, links directly to our emotions.
It’s been long known that there is a strong connection between music and emotion, music and memory.
Our personal experiences determine the type of emotional reaction we have to various sounds and music.
Often emotions are triggered by sounds connected to a particular circumstance. Hearing an old song can take you back decades in a blink of an eye. Listening to a song previously played on your wedding day may trigger feelings of joy.

If you are like most people, you probably have some great memories from every summer of your life.
More likely than not, your days were filled with excitement, you were more likely to eat healthy food and felt more motivated to exercise during summer or around your summer holidays. And when you hear certain songs from those times, you suddenly feel the same positive, happy vibes, and you are instantly in the same mindset.

Join our new dance-based exercise program to the hottest summer hits!

They are designed to make you “sizzle” and feel amazing – and most importantly: motivated to keep exercising!

Watch out! The new, motivated You is about to take over the world! 🙂