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About Us

Where Fun Meets Fitness! 

Welcome to a community where we live by one vibrant motto: EXERCISE CAN BE FUN! 

Dive into our dance fitness classes and witness time fly as you immerse in rhythms, sweat out stress, and fill your soul with energy! Here, happiness and health dance hand in hand, and everyone is invited to the party!

Meet Lily & Viktor: The Heartbeat of Our Community 

Lily and Viktor, a dynamic husband-wife duo, found their rhythm in a salsa class in Dublin in 2008 and have been dancing through life, both personally and professionally, ever since! Passionate about healthy living, they founded Dance and Health in 2011 with a vision to create a space where people feel alive, energized, and celebrated.

Lily’s Journey: From Struggles to Strength 

Lily, who faced weight struggles and bullying, transformed her pain into power. Ditching yo-yo diets, she embraced sustainable health, becoming an aerobics and licensed Zumba instructor and a nutritionist, inspiring others to feel great inside out!

Viktor’s Mission: Empowering Potential 

Viktor, with a passion for exploring healthy avenues to overall well-being, he became a life coach. Viktor is devoted to guiding others in discovering their full potential and embracing a life brimming with vibrancy and fulfilment.

Together, We Dance Towards Well-being!

With extraordinary instructors by our side, we’ve been igniting joy and influencing thousands to find their groove and love their exercise! We are not just a fitness hub; we are a community where everybody is welcome, and every story is celebrated!