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How to Actually Look Forward to Mondays — Yes, It’s Possible!

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Ah, Monday — a day that’s about as popular as a root canal. But what if I told you we could change our perspective on Mondays? Seriously, it’s doable!

First, let’s talk about the buzzword: “excitement.” Pause for a second.

Picture the last time you were thrilled about something.

Primarily, our excitement is directed towards the future, right? Be it an upcoming vacation or even a tasty dinner tonight, it’s a form of goal-setting. So, let’s admit it: excitement is just a spiced-up term for achieving our goals. And the happiness we feel when we reach them? That’s the cherry on top. Big or small, these goals resonate with us differently, but they indeed make life sweeter.

So, how can we sprinkle a bit of this ‘excitement spice’ onto our Mondays?

Here are two tried-and-true tactics:

  • Insert Mini-Goals into Your Mondays: Instead of just going through the motions, plan something that tickles your fancy. It could be anything from grabbing coffee with a friend, starting a new book, or taking that online course you’ve been eyeing. Having something to look forward to can seriously transform your Monday vibe.

  • Chip Away at Bigger Goals: Got a Big Dream? Break it down into manageable pieces. Spend your Sunday evening laying out what steps you’ll take each week, starting with Monday. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll begin to relish Mondays for the opportunities they bring to reach your larger goals.

Who says Mondays have to dictate your mood? Even if your 9-to-5 doesn’t get your heart racing, peppering your day with small joys and steps towards bigger aspirations can turn it around. Your sense of fulfilment won’t depend on the day of the week but on the meaningful activities that fill it.

And hey, speaking of activities that bring joy, why not kickstart your week with a ZUMBA or SIZZLE class? Exercise brightens your mood and is a fantastic way to set a positive tone for the week. So, how about it? Ready to change how you see Mondays? 😉

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About the Author

Lily is a group fitness instructor, licensed Zumba® instructor, certified nutritionist, health coach and co-founder of Dance and Health.

She has been struggling with her weight since early childhood. She was bullied as a teenager, and that’s when her long-lasting yo-yo dieting journey started.
It continued until her twenties, when she finally decided to change and stop following unhealthy weight-loss plans.

She’s passionate about nutrition and educating others about the simplicity of health and well-being.
She firmly believes that physical and mental health is the cornerstone of succeeding in any area, and she loves helping people achieve a more joyful and healthier life.