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7 Practical Tips to Reduce Everyday Stress

Perform at Your Optimum State

Stress is part of everyday life (although it shouldn’t be), but the good news is that there is always something we can do about it. Hope you find the below tips useful.

1.) Protein for breakfast
We discussed the importance of high protein intake for breakfast in an earlier newsletter. (You can read it here).
Supply your body with proper nutrition and it won’t let you down during the day. High energy level will definitely beat stress!

2.) Get a proper rest

Just like food, proper rest can make or break your day when it comes to stressful situations. When our body is tired, we tend to be more intolerant,edgy and impatient.
Make sure you get proper rest and ready for action!

3.) Drink lots of water throughout the day
You may wonder, what this has to do with stress? Well, just like food and proper rest, water is vital to your body.
Over 70% of our body is water. Lack of water can cause headaches and different reactions in the body which can effect your stress level.
Drink at least 2-3 litres of water and see the magic!

4.) Try to avoid negative people
We all have people around us who tend to pull us down by their attitude.
Sometimes it is not possible to completely cut them out of our life, but we can certainly reduce the interaction with them.
If that’s not workable either, then try to change the subject when the conversation starts to drift onto a negative topic.

5.) Skip the News

You may have noticed that the news – radio, TV or newspaper – always start with some shocking tragedy. When was the last time you saw a positive headline on the cover of the daily paper?
‘9 people died!’ ‘Rapist on the run!’
‘Murder!’, and list goes on…
This certainly doesn’t help to de-stress yourself.
Try this out: For two weeks, don’t watch, read or listen to any news. You will see a definite change in your mood!

6.) Take a walk
This especially applies if you work indoor, sitting in an office for long hours, looking at the computer, and your attention is fixated on the same point for a longer period.
This can exhaust you mentally.
If you catch yourself still thinking about work after leaving it, or find it hard to “switch off”, just take a walk for half an hour and look at buildings and objects on the street. You may feel more tired in the first 10 minutes, but keep going and you will see what happens!

7.) Exercise regularly
Apart from all the scientific proof that exercise is able to reduce stress, our proof for this are the hundreds of students who regularly tell us how Zumba is de-stressing them after a hard day at work.
Exercising at least twice a week will take care of your body, mind and You!
Stay fit, healthy and stress-free! 

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