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7 Practical Tips to Get Back to Your Exercise Habit After a Long Break

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Sometimes life happens, and we can get a bit sidetracked. Family commitments, sickness or overtime at work…
Then all of a sudden you find yourself having not exercised for months.
The thought of getting back into a regular fitness routine may seem a bit daunting after a long break.
The question is: how do you start again?
The truth is, the more you wait, the hardest it will become to get back into your routine.
But once you have an exercise habit, it becomes automatic.
So we put together 7 practical tips to help you ease back into the routine of keeping fit:
1. Start small and don’t break the habit
Trying to run thirty miles after a long break won’t necessarily increase your motivation to keep up. Fatigue, muscle fever is a sure way to give up the next day.
When you start small (having one or two exercise session a week, as opposed to 7 days a week), you will have the sense of accomplishment, and you will naturally want to do more. Start small and gradually increase your time.

2. Set a goal
Having no goal in your exercise routine is a sure way to give it up. Just doing it for the sake of doing it may not be enough at times.
When you have a clear goal such as “I want to feel fitter after waking up” or “I want to have a rounder booty” will put the sense of measurement there, something you can work for and something you can achieve.
Once you achieved it, don’t forget to set a new goal.
3. Prepare your fitness clothes
Preparing your fitness pack the night before and leaving it beside the bed or at the door where it’s visible will focus your mind on the exercise. Once you are out of bed and your fitness bag is already packed, it’s easier just to grab it and go. It will act as a good reminder of what you have committed to, and you will be less likely to back out.

4. Get a fitness buddy
Grabbing a friend to join you can be beneficial in many ways.
Committing to a friend can help you to keep up with the habit even on the days when you don’t feel like it. Together you can keep each other motivated and accountable.

5. Make it fun
If you don’t enjoy your exercise, it’s going to be hard to keep it a habit.
Pick an exercise that you enjoy, so when you think of it during the day, you look forward to it as opposed to something that you must do.
Our ZUMBA classes are the perfect way to connect fun and fitness.
6. Reward Showing Up
Ever felt awful after eating your favourite treat during the weekend? Regret comes when you think you didn’t deserve it, or you failed at keeping up the promise to yourself of not having any. Any time you set an exercise goal and achieve it (regardless of how small it is), reward yourself. Have that favourite treat, go out shopping! You deserved it!
7. Commit
One of the best ways to stay in the routine is to have a monthly or yearly membership in the exercise you are doing. Having a membership will encourage you to go as frequently as you can, to get the best value out of it.
Our statistics show that customers who have unlimited ZUMBA passes show up more frequently compared to the clients with punchcards or drop-ins.
Beside of saving you a ton of money (even if you come once or twice a week), our unlimited ZUMBA passes will help you to keep your exercise habit, and live a fitter life!

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