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5 Simple Steps to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Why is it so hard to keep our New Year’s Resolutions?

Every year most of us make very firm decisions about what we want to change in the new year. Most of our goals are health related. And yet, after an initial excitement that lasts about 3-4 weeks, we fall back to where we started.
Why does this keep happening?

Here are 5 steps to apply before making those resolutions for 2018

1. Take yourself seriously

What we mean here: a hangover is not your best buddy when trying to make plans for the year. So if you – like most people – have a few drinks on New Year’s Eve, don’t sit down to make your big plans on 1st January.

Do it during the last weeks of December. First look back and tap yourself on the back, for every little and big achievement in 2017. Don’t focus on what you didn’t achieve, instead focus on what you did accomplish during the year. Once you are done with that part, start making your plans for 2018.
When you say ‘Cheers’ in the first hour of the year, and then wake up the next day, you can already feel proud that your year is planned!

2. Be realistic

It is okay to dream big and want to step out of your comfort zone. In many areas, that’s exactly what you have to do!
But when it comes to your health and fitness goals, you must stay realistic in order to stick to the plan and don’t give up in the first weeks.

If you have been inactive for a few weeks or months, the right thing to do is start easy, with one workout a week, then increasing it to two, and so forth.

There are certain workouts that sound tough, and many people think the tougher the exercise, the better the results. 

The truth is if you don’t enjoy it, if you feel like it is a punishment, you will only be “excited” about it for a few weeks (when you want to “punish” yourself for all the food and drinks during the Christmas season). Don’t let the feeling of guilt and the desire of self-punishment plan your goals.
You have to choose something you enjoy (when it comes to exercise). That’s the only sustainable way.

When it comes to healthy eating, the wrong thing to do is say “I stop eating junk from tomorrow.”
Instead, thoroughly check what you eat one by one, and see where you can make a healthy switch. Example: your afternoon sugary snack can be replaced by some dates or figs and some nuts. Try to replace white bread with whole grain one. And so forth. Do it one by one. It is much more likely that you will enjoy your new healthy habits.

3. Take full responsibility

Life happens. And we love life! But you have to decide where you stand: you can choose the side where at the first difficulty encountered you give up and blame the circumstances: changed job, moving house etc. Or, you can choose the side where you decide to take full responsibility and adjust the way to reach your goal, not give up on your goal. Once you make this firm decision, you will be surprised how easy will it be to adjust your day to any circumstance to do that workout you planned or to prepare that healthy meal.

4. Find a ‘resolution-buddy’
Many times, simply saying our plans out loud to another person, makes them more real. Yes, writing them down is important too, but somehow, hearing your voice, and your own words, saying what you want to achieve, makes it more ‘solid’. Plus, you have that other person, who can hold you accountable for your plans! It works vice-versa, so get someone who is eager to follow their plans, just like you are, and the success will be even sweeter!

5. Reward yourself
At every milestone, and every goal achieved, make sure you don’t just take those for granted. The biggest mistake people can make is not acknowledging themselves for the things they accomplished. You worked for it; you achieved it; you deserve to reward yourself, whatever that might be. It will give you a tremendous feeling of accomplishment, and you will be ready to get on to the next goal or the next milestone.

Go for it! You can do it!

2018 will be Your Year!

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